Exchange Student Form

Welcome to Finland and your student exchange period at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences! By filling out your arrival information AT LEAST ONE MONTH BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL DATE you can apply for a pick-up service from a student tutor of the student union METKA.

Have a safe trip to Helsinki and see you soon!

- If you will arrive on the same flight as your friend who will also be an exchange student in Metropolia, please note that each student must fill the registration form separately.
- Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Student Union METKA are strongly committed to the protection of the personal data that we maintain about students. Please note that when you fill in the application for a tutor and click on Submit, your information is saved in the EAF system. The information is used by tutors, Metka staff members and Metropolia international coordinators.

Fields displayed in bold are required. Please fill all of them before submitting the form.

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